Brittney Smith Atwood – Inside The Life Of Roman Atwood’s Wife

(Last Updated On: March 10, 2021)


Brittney is the wife to famous You Tuber Roman Atwood. She was born on 16th February 1991 in Ohio. Her full name is Brittney Danelle Smith. Her parents split while she was young and her father remarried. She stills has a good relationship with her parents. She has a sister by the name Veronica.

Brittney started dating Roman in November 2008 and during this period she had two children with him. A son named Kane and a daughter named Cora. She is the step mother to Roman’s con from his previous marriage, Noah. She got engaged to Roman in April 2018 and later wedded in Maui in July 2018. They started dating Roman when he was not famous and slowly over the years we have seen their growth and also the journey to fame.

She is into fitness and nutrition and she works out quite often in their home gym.


Brittney’s first job was as an assistant for a dentist during which she met Roman and got pregnant with her first child. During that time she started appearing on Roman’s prank videos. Their Anniversary Prank Backfires video made Brittney more famous.

Currently she runs their Smile More Store that deals with different merchandise from t-shirts, hats to stationery.

Alongside Roman they have a You Tube channel where they vlog their daily lives which has more than 14M subscribers and they get millions of views per vlog.