“I Cannot Correct God’s Work” Eric Omondi Comments About His Viral Photo

(Last Updated On: January 25, 2018)

A couple of days ago, Eric Omondi was trending all over the internet after posting a photo where his junk was very visible. This was when he was on holiday at Ocean Beach Hotel enjoying sometime by the pool .

Speaking to EDaily, Eric Omondi said that he had no idea that fans would react to the photo the way they did.

No, it (viral picture) was not intentional. I had innocently posted the picture and four minutes after it went online, I noticed that I was receiving a lot of comments on it. I logged in to check the Instagram users’ feedback. It is then that I realised that a part of my manhood was showing through my pair of shorts. For a moment, I was confused on what to do.


Even though at one point he want to pull down the picture, Eric has no regrets as long as people are laughing.

I contemplated deleting the picture, but on second thought, I decided it remains on the platform. I cannot correct God’s work.

“The most private part of my body are my bones, and the whole world knows about my skinniness. I choose to overlook what online users are saying on Instagram about the controversial picture. I am a comedian; my work is to make people laugh. So long as my actions make them laugh, I am happy.”

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