Capital FM’s Miss Mandi Flaunts Her New Body After Weight Loss (PHOTOS)

(Last Updated On: September 6, 2017)

Capital FM radio presenter Miss Mandi, the celebrity also famous for her throw down shows where she cooks different dishes, has been hard at  work at the gym for the past couple of months. She decided she wanted to shed off some of the weight she had gained over some time.

She shared various photos on Instagram as she talked about her journey and revealed it took around 4 months to get where she is now. She wrote:

New body, who dis ? || Every year for my birthday (April 25th) I usually gift myself with a little something something. This year going back to the gym was the gift. I started off well then life decided to come at me hard one month into my fitness journey. I ended up falling off the gym for a couple of weeks then I bounced back. When I was younger I used to be so full of myself because my genes were loyal af but the older I got my genes decided it’s time to betray me! See, I had mastered the art of wearing things that hid my thickness. As much as I hid my thickness ppl felt the need to remind me of how I’ve put on weight. I found the comments to be very unnecessary. Matter of fact, ppl need to stop minding other ppls bodies. Anywho, what bothered & motivated me was I wanted to enjoy looking at myself naked or just in the mirror & be in love with my bod. To make this long story short, I WANTED TO BE MY OWN BODY GOALS. It’s been 4 months now & man I’m just getting started. I feel & look so good! Training with @shiv_justgymit was thee best choice I made. Not only is he a great trainer but damn he sure has schooled me on a lot! To top it off he put me on a flexible diet so I’m not eating salads nor adhering to the no carbs after 6 crap. I’m eating delicious throwdowns, less portions & tracking my meals. The thing about the gym is, it’s mind over matter. Lift today, be sore tomorrow but you gotta keep at it. Consistency, Patience & Hard work breeds results. Your body is your home so take good care of it!Peep my latest vlog (link in bio) to see a glimpse of what I eat, the app I use to track meals & how ham I go in the gym. #PreeMe BeYourOwnBodyGoals#NoMoreSuckingInTheBelly#MadeItALifestyle#IAintNeverEatenASaladSinceIStartedGyming #WhenIGetAbsYallNotBreathing 🤣




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