Carrie Schenken – Inside The Life Of Amanda Bearse’s Wife

(Last Updated On: March 11, 2021)


Carrie Schenken is an American lady who generated publicity due to the fact that she is the wife to Amanda Bearse. Amanda is an American actress, director and comedian who is best known for her role as Marcy Rhoades D’Arcy on the fox sitcom Married….with Children. She has since featured in numerous other shows over the past 40 years.

Carrie was born on April 24th, 1958 in Florida. Details regarding her childhood and upbringing have been kept private for the time being. She first met Amanda in 2008 and shortly after their romantic relationship kicked off. They dated for two years and got married in 2010. They have two adopted kids whom they raise together.


Just like her wife, Carrie has also ventured in the entertainment industry. She is a behind the scenes technician.