Why Catholic Church Rejected A Donated Ksh30K Seat Because Governor Sat On It

(Last Updated On: March 29, 2017)

A catholic church in Molo recently rejected a seat donated by the area governor Kinuthia Mbugua because he sat on it. It is reported the chair cost around Ksh30,000 and had been donated by a businessman by the name Joseph Kahuria who had presented it as a sign of thanksgiving in the church,

During the presentation, the businessman called on Governor Kinuthia to test how comfortable the chair is before it was handed over to the clerics. Shock engulfed them when the presiding priest Fr Anthony Kinuthia decided to decline the donation due the act of the governor sitting on it being sacrilege.

“It is very wrong for you to allow a person to sit on a ‘gift’ meant for the church at the pulpit. It is not acceptable to the church” said Fr Kinuthia. The seat was afterwards taken outside immediately.

This is what Kahuria said in response to his gift being sent back:

“All I wanted was the governor to assure the believers that the seat was very comfortable before it could be blessed. I was not aware that it was going against the church rules.”

Later, Fr Kinuthia called the governor and had a chat with him. The governor apologized for his action stating he didn’t know he would be called.

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