Check Out Jalang’o’s Spectacular Description Of Akothee’s Massive Beach House

(Last Updated On: November 7, 2017)

Akothee has a number of mansions in different parts of Kenya and one of them is in Mombasa. Jalang’o was recently in Mombasa a couple of days ago to headline an all white party and Akothee threatened him not to book a hotel in the city but instead to stay at her mansion since it has all the amenities a hotel could have.

Here is how Jalang’o described the place:

So I get to mombasa then I tell my sister @akotheekenya that I have landed in Mombasa …she tells me…Let me not find you booking any hotel and I have 16 bedrooms in my private beach home..
1. 12 white towels
2. 15 bed sheets
3. Private chef
4. Under sea glass boat
5. Personal massage
6. 12 by 10 bed
7….pls continue with the list

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