Check Out Julie Gichuru’s Response To A Young Man Offering To Be Her Toy Boy

(Last Updated On: March 1, 2018)

A toy boy is generally a young man who becomes a lover to a much older woman and most of the times the woman is much more successful than the man. These kind of guys are also there in our local society and once in a while we would hear stories of a very successful older woman, sometimes married, having a sexual relationship with a young university chap way much younger than the lady.

Former top news anchor Julie Gichuru reccently shared a screenshot of an offer she got from a certain guy who claims to be a security officer in Qatar offering to be her toy boy. Julie decided not to ignore the message and instead decided to offer him some advice hoping it would also speak to other young men in the society with this type of behavior.

Here is the message:

This is what she responded with:

Dear Sir Thank you for taking the time to share a comment on my platform.¬†Allow me first to clarify that my name is Julie, not Judy. I felt motivated to respond to your comment because you say you are working hard hustling in Qatar. I congratulate you for your effort. I also noted that you seemed to offer or suggest that you are available as a ‘toy boy’, allow me to say that’s not my thing, not at all. I am happily married to a Simba and by the grace of God we shall grow old together. While I do not judge your apparent willingness to be a ‘toy boy’ allow me to speak to you as a mother would to her son. We all start somewhere, very few are born at the top. Indeed, out of the few that are born at the top, many end up at the bottom if they cannot work hard and work smart. You are therefore underselling yourself and demeaning your own value through derogatory references to your ‘status’. You are a hard working man, stand tall with your back straight and your head held high. Have pride in yourself. Focus your heart and mind on your goal and step by step, work towards it. There is no shame in hustling, I worked three jobs at one time in University, one of those jobs was literally hard labour, a twelve hour overnight shift in a baking factory. Indeed, there is no shame in your hustle, maisha ‘ni kujipanga my fren’. Fanya kazi kwa bidii, and take pride in that. Embrace and understand your value and stop offering yourself to women you really don’t know, and underselling yourself while you are at it. Take pride in who you are, make a plan and then live knowing that each and every person is special, is worthy, is of value because each of us are made in the image of the Almighty and HE knows YOUR name! I wish you all the best on your journey of life, Blessings, Julie Gathoni Sumira wa Gichuru PS: Please, do learn to punctuate. It will be of great help should you need to communicate with potential employers, business partners etc.

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