Check Out The Mega Expensive Gifts Anerlisa Muigai Got On Her Birthday (PHOTOS)

(Last Updated On: January 10, 2018)

Keroche Breweries CEO’s daughter Anerlisa Muigai recently turned 30 years old, a huge milestone in her life. A month ago she share her insecurities regarding the age 30 and revealed why she was so afraid of it. She said:

In exactly 1 month i will be turning 30 YEARS. My God i don’t know why i am so scared yet i know i have achieved quit a bit for my age, 29 years though has been the craziest year and one that i never thought I’d get through. Someone told me that ill now be on 3rd floor and i thought does that mean i am becoming gacucu or does that mean people expect alot more from me. I won’t lie, i am so scared.. please if you are 30 and above help me feel better and i know its just a number but remember when you heard that your relative was 30 and thought ” my God 30 is too old” now i am here 😣😣.

As expected, Anerlisa was showered with a large number of expensive gifts from various family members, the most expensive being a golden Rolex watch.