Check Out Octopizzo’s Insane Shoe Collection

(Last Updated On: October 5, 2016)


Kibera’s biggest rapper Octopizzo has always been a big fan of shoes. He has declared this a number of times during interviews and he is always spotted with expensive shoes.


Before all the fame and money, Octopizzo actually stole a pair of his neighbour’s shoes and he has said he is ready to return the shoes. If you listen to his first big song, ‘On Top’ , the chorus states “Get that mulla, buy that ndula” which translates to “Get that money, buy those shoes”. This clearly shows his huge love for shoes.

Octopizzo shared a photo of his current shoe collection that is growing really fast in a photo captioned: Let your dreams outgrow the shoes of your expectations. Put yourself in my shoes & you’ll understand the journey


The rapper has over 90 pairs of shoes and the Versace is his most expensive pair. The pair cost him a cool Ksh120,000. He wore them during the recording of Coke Studio Africa season 2.

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