Check Out President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Designer Watch Worth Ksh760,000 (PHOTOS)

(Last Updated On: January 10, 2018)

It is quite clear that President Uhuru Kenyatta tries to be a humble man from time to time even though he was brought up in a wealthy family through out his life. It is no secret that the Kenyatta Family is worth billions of shillings thanks to their vast distribution of wealth ranging from real estate, hotel industry, banking, dairy industry and many more.

From time to time, Uhuru Kenyatta spoils himself with a couple of very expensive items and one of them is watches. A number of times he has been spotted with watches worth more than the value of most cars on the Kenyan roads. Recently while attending the late professor Juma’s funeral, he was photographed wearing a Cartier Santos 100 Carbon watch which goes for $7,600. Just check it out

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