Check Out Prezzo’s First Ever Expensive Ride Gifted To Him By Rich Mum

(Last Updated On: April 10, 2017)

Kenyan rapper Prezzo has always displayed to the public that he is rich ever since he started his music career. This is by flashing his expensive jewellery, cars, trips and also expensive gifts for the women in his life. One time he even hired a chopper to attend a local awards ceremony at Carnivore grounds.

Recently on Instagram, Prezzo shared the first car he ever got from his parents while still in campus. His mum gave him a bright yellow Porsche that was more expensive than the lecturers cars. He captioned the photo:

Old money fam, my 1st ride in uni had my lecturers looking at me in some type of way…. & u wonder why I love my mum to death. Gods son #Rapcellency

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