Check Out Timmy Tdat Displaying His Ufisi During A Shoot

(Last Updated On: February 7, 2017)

Timmy Tdat has a love for music and this is very evident in his hit songs and energetic performances all over Kenya. He has risen to be among the most demand artists currently in Kenya and is able to do lucrative shows for big corporates like Safaricom.

Apart from music, it’s evident that Timmy loves the ladies. We have seen him being involved with celebrities like Kush Tracy, Dela and most recently he sent a flirtatious message to Anita Nderu on live tv. His statement was:

Kuna huyu mgal dem amesema jo amenilike na amesema mara tatu ama mara nne…. Anita jo, unafanya heeart yangu inawarm. Every time unasem “Oh my God, I like the guy”, hata watu wa Kasabun wanaget motivated

Well during the shoot of his video, Timmy wasn’t shy at all. He to some of the ladies that were to be in the shoot and started engaging with them, one at a time. Just check out these videos.

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A video posted by Timmy Tdat (@timmytdat) on

A video posted by Timmy Tdat (@timmytdat) on