China Photoshop Lady Finally Gets To Go To The Real China

(Last Updated On: June 14, 2016)


Seveline Kinya is the lady who made it into international headlines after she photoshopped herself touring China. Nailab CEO Sam Gichuru decided to make her dream come true by paying for her a vacation to China.

ch1 ch2

Well Seveline is now in China. She posted a couple of pictures on her Facebook page as she departed and when she was in China. Sam Gichuru was at the airport to see her off. He wrote this one Facebook:

Managed to make it to the airport in time to see Seve Gats off to China.

Don’t miss your flight or carry things for strangers!!

Have fun and God’s blessings


Seve’s departure, travel and transfer at Doha.

seve1 seve2 seve3 seve4 seve5 seve6


Welcoming party at Beijing International Airport


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