PHOTOS: Chinese Festival Where They Eat Dogs

(Last Updated On: June 23, 2016)

Every year, thousands of dogs will be butchered and boiled for the Yulin Festival in China. Majority of the animals that make it to the festival are actually stolen from people’s homes rather than farmed.

The event has sparked global outrage and there have been demands that the Chinese government should ban consumption of dog and cat meat but all these outcries fall on deaf ears.


Dogs crammed into a rusty cage in a market located in Yulin city awaiting slaughtering


Vendor chopping meat for sale


Vendor counts money from the sale of a dog


Vendor waiting for buyers



Dogs getting hacked with meat clevers


Some of the dogs still have a collar on indicating they may have been stolen from their homes



Customers very eager to make a purchase


Vendor stands on the cage to prevent the dog from escaping


A cardboard sign cable-tied to a cage holding three captive dogs reads: ‘Local dog, big dog for sale’

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