Chipukeezy Quits Kiss FM and This Was Caroline Mutoko’s Response

(Last Updated On: March 7, 2017)

Around 4 years ago, Caroline Mutoko hand picked Chipukeezy for a position on her famous show The Big Breakfast which aired every morning on weekdays. She thought he would be a perfect fit for her show which was missing a comedian after Jalango left for another radio station.

Caroline later retired from radio in 2014 in favor of a management position and this led to her co-hosts, Chipukeezy and Linda Nyangweso, to be moved to an evening show The Drive which runs between 3pm and 7pm.

Today, Chipukeezy has hang his boots when it comes to working for KissFM. He penned down this emotional letter to his team.

“A love letter to my dear kiss fm. .. Babe!!.we have been together for the last 3 years,we have grown in love and friendship,we have bonded through laughter and hardships, daily sharing our lives with Kenyans and each other. You.. my love helped me grow in ways that you can never imagine and i can never explain .ALL i want to say is THANK YOU. By the way CaroIine Mutoko i hope you do realize that when i say my love its not just kiss fm but niwewe nakuongelesha .ulinitoa mulolongo na slippers ukanipeleka westlands kwa muzungu (Lynda Nyangweso) akanifunza kutumia computer na kutweet thanks for giving me an opportunity of a life time. YOU CHANGED MY LIFE . Jeff Mote by the way haukujua but I was the “bestman” at your wedding tutaftane bro…Please take care of that Yummy Mummy Nyangweso. Life has introduced me to new challenges. MY LOVE just like you taught me allow me to go tackle them.Allow me to go and share with the WORLD what i have shared with you..

Your love chipukeezy.”

Caroline Mutoko had an amazing response to this and shared these encouraging words with him:

“Awwww. My friend. Fly. Spread your wings and fly. I told you – you’re destined for greatness. Don’t get comfortable. Don’t believe the hype and never, ever arrive,”

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