Chris Kirubi AWKWARDLY Congratulates “This Is Ess” On Her Engagement

(Last Updated On: May 8, 2015)

kirubi and ess

Chris Kirubi is the ultimate Team Mafisi member. Recently fashion blogger Sharon Mundia popular known by her blog name This Is Ess, got engaged and posted the whole event on her blog. The post went viral to the extent of crashing her blog servers. Everyone on Twitter, including large companies, discussed her engagement.

Sharon works at Capital FM which is owned by billionaire business mogul Chris Kirubi who is in his 70s. Kirubi decided to congratulate Sharon with the help of radio presenter Amina. As soon as Sharon arrived, Kirubi hugged her tightly to the extent of lifting her up. He then planted a wet kiss on her cheek then asked her why she hadn’t personally told him that she was engaged.

Kirubi then proceeded telling her that he is heartbroken and jealous that she is engaged, AWKWARD. He then asked to meet the guy that will marry Sharon. During the whole conversation he kept a tight grip on Sharon’s waist. At the end he then went ahead to also hold Amina tightly and brought the two women really close to him, FISI!!!!!. JUST WATCH FOR YOURSELF


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