Citizen TV Intern Quits After Working Two Days Then Writes Dramatic Resignation Letter

(Last Updated On: January 16, 2018)

When you are fresh out of college/campus in Kenya, only the lucky few get into the job market with a ready job. Most usually do an internship first to gain the relevant experience. Internship in some companies is usually brutal since you work so much for very little or no pay.

A guy named Bodo Kennedy got to experience the hard part of internship while working at Royal Media Services. He even ended up quiting the job after just two days. He  wrote this savage resignation letter:

Good morning great RMS team. I write to appreciate your team for trusting me with the responsibilities to make RMS great. I joined your team on 10th, I have authored three books and own two personal and one business blog alongside other responsibilities. I abnegated my responsibilities and opportunities elsewhere to join your team just because I breath writing and wanted it all for Royal Media. I can’t seat down the whole day posting two lines and making alerts and say I’m exercising my professionalism when I know I’m doing 10% of what I desire. It would be an abuse to my principles to spend all my time and resources fully without reward as well. RMS should consider responsibilities assigned to employees and their reward. Some clauses in the contract agreement form are just noise and RSM HR team should harmonize them before adding tinctures to their top gallant PR.

My first internship at Coffee Directorate Communication Dept I was entitled to a stipend of 26000 and free transport just because of the capabilities and what I offered the company at 2nd year level. 3rd year I joined KRA communication Dept as well unpaid intern but received promotion on my second day and was earning 36k plus other allowances just because of the services for four months. Then where I expect the most it’s an abuse of my profession and time. I had been added as editor in all your social media groups. I’m requesting your team to withdraw all the rights. To the good friends in RMS, we’ll meet in the field and fight with pen even though I know the sudden withdrawal from the team might be detrimental. Am sure if you were given same treatment you couldn’t hesitate to resign for such an abuse of profession. I’ll join your team if your terms allow but as they stand it’s like I’ll be investing in a business I don’t own with no output. I love you all.”


Kind Regards

Bodo Kennedy.

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