Citizen TV’s Swaleh Mdoe Puts Kidney Up For Sale To Sort Out Financial Problems

(Last Updated On: February 16, 2018)

Popular Swahili news anchor Swaleh Mdoe is in a financial crisis and has resorted to selling one of his kidneys so as to settle his debts. He is even considering doing a newspaper advert so as to get a serious buyer.

During an interview with Pulse, he stated,”I have decided to sell one of my kidneys after consulting my doctor on the matter. I have some pressing financial issues that I want to offset and all I can think of right now is selling my kidney. Feel free to share my mobile number (0722733130). I need to do this urgently. I would even be placing a newspaper advert if that is what it takes to get a worth client.

Swaleh said that the reason for this move is that he doesn’t want to bother people to fund-raise some money to sort him out and he is confident he can survive with one kidney.

“I don’t really want to bother people. I don’t. I can live with one kidney,” said Swaleh.

The news anchor is seeking Ksh2.5 million and is assuring prospective buyers that he is in excellent health. His blood group is O+.

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