What City Hall Is Doing About The Viral Photo Of Chicken Lying On The Floor Next To A Toilet

(Last Updated On: August 15, 2016)


A couple of days ago a viral photo of fresh uncooked chicken stored next to a dirty open toilet spread all over social media causing a lot of uproar. This is a major health hazard since it can cause a major spread of diseases.

It has finally caught City Hall’s attention that they decided to start an operation on various eateries in the CBD.

“We are not taking chances. Our public health officers have combed Tom Mboya street. This inspection will be carried out through the entire city as well as in the estates. Nairobi is getting more visitors from outside, and we must ensure they eat hygienic food,” said County Health Services Chief Officer Dr Samuel Ochola.

Let’s just cross our fingers that they will actually do something about it.


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