Colonel Mustafa Gets An Expensive Gift From Girlfriend

(Last Updated On: December 29, 2015)

colonel mustafa

Kenyan rapper Colonel Mustafa is a lucky man. He just got a brand new car as a Christmas gift from his girlfriend. The car is a Nissan Murano.

Mustafa had this to say,”I have never had such a sweet festive season as this (2015 Christmas)! Mamaa has given me a very big Christmas gift – a Nisaan Murano car, and I am very contented; I didn’t foresee such a surprise”


He also had this to say about his career this year,”I thank God 2015 has been an exceptional year; my brand as Mustapha has grown immensely, and I know it is headed for the right direction. I am back in the studio recording new songs; I am getting booked for shows and I am shooting new videos. The sky is the limit for me!”

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