10 Countries With The Highest Aerospace Engineer Salaries

(Last Updated On: August 18, 2020)

An aerospace engineer is responsible for the research, development, maintenance, designing and testing the performance of civil and military aircraft, missiles, satellites, weapon systems and space vehicles. One can specialize in fields like avionics, propulsion, systems integration, materials & structures and aerodynamics. (Salaries have been converted to USD)

1. United States

Salary – $116,500

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics,  the median pay in 2019 is approximately $116,500 per year or $56.01 per hour. Employment in the industry is expected to grow at a projected rate of 2%.


2. Japan

Salary – $84,500

According to ERI, the average salary of Japanese aerospace engineers is 9 million yen a year. Most start at around 6.3 million a year and those in senior positions earn 12 million yen.


3. Germany

Salary – $77,000

In small companies one can expect to earn between €42,000 – €55,000 , while in larger companies one can get up to €60,000. Those based in Munich can get between €55,000 – €65,000 a year.


4. New Zealand

Salary – $76,200

Based on the data provided by the New Zealand government, aerospace engineers have a median annual wage of NZ$116,500.


5. Australia

Salary – $72,500

Aerospace engineers based in Australia working for the Australian government’s defense industry, have a medium salary of A$71,000 – A$102,000.


6. Canada

Salary – $68,000

In order to be a registered engineer, one needs to pass a practical exam and do three or four years of supervised work. The median salary of an aerospace engineer is around CA$90,000 with an average growth rate of 4% while the typical salary ranges between CA$80,000 – CA$120,000. Some of the highest paying provinces are Quebec, Manitoba, New Brunswick and Alberta.


7. Netherlands

Salary – $65,000

Dutch aerospace engineers earn between €38,000 and €67,500. The average salary is around €54,000 a year.


8. United Arab Emirates

Salary – $64,000

The average salary of an aerospace engineer based in the UAE is AED 235,000. Their entry salary would fall at around AED 165,000 while those in very senior levels get to earn AED 293,000 annually.


9. France

Salary – $62,000

Research done by ERI states that the average salary for a French aerospace engineer ranges between €36,000 on entry level and €65,000 on senior level.


10. United Kingdom

Salary – $52,000

In the UK the starting salary of an aerospace engineer fluctuates between £20,000 – £28,000. Once one is able to gain a number of years of experience it can rise to between £28,000 – £40,000. Those in senior positions, especially once you gain chartered status, can expect to get a salary of between £45,000 and £65,000.