7 Countries With The Highest Anesthesiologist Salaries

(Last Updated On: March 15, 2020)

An anesthesiologist is a doctor who gives a patient medication so that they do not feel pain when they are undergoing surgery through general anesthesia, sedation, regional anesthesia etc. They are also responsible for the patient’s overall care through reversing the effects of the anesthesia and continue to evaluate the patient. Here is a list of countries with the highest earning anesthesiologists:

1. Switzerland

Salary – US$574,000

An experienced anesthesiologist based in Switzerland is able to earn an annual salary of CHF546,000. This is according to data published by the Swiss government.

2. United States

Salary – US$392,000

According to a study conducted by Medscape on anesthesiologists who provided salary information, hours worked, time spent seeing patients etc they earn on annual average salary of $392,000. However, since it is a call job they can earn a much higher amount based on how many calls they take.

3. Germany

Salary – US$360,000

Practice owners in Germany usually generate an average of 320,000 euros per year.

4. France

Salary – US$306,500

A French anesthesiologist is able to get an annual net fees of €275,000 based on data provided by unasa.

5. Canada

Salary – US$270,000

Based on a study conducted by the Canadian Medical Association, anesthesiologists earn an average gross fee of C$370,000 a year working an average of 55 hours a week and 80 hours a month doing on call services.

6. Netherlands

Salary – US$150,000

A Dutch anesthesiologist is able to earn between €6,000 – €11,000 a month which adds up to €72,000 a year – €132,000 a year.

7. United Kingdom

Salary – US$132,000

A consultant in the UK has a starting salary of £79,860 per annum and this rises to £107,668 once they achieve over 19 years of work experience. Aside from their salary, they can also get extra earnings through clinical excellence awards which range from £3,016 and £77,320.