10 Countries With The Highest Orthopedic Surgeon Salaries

(Last Updated On: August 19, 2020)

An orthopeadic surgeon is a medical specialist who mainly deals with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the bones, joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles. One can choose to be a generalists or specialize further in certain areas of the body such as spine, hand, shoulder and elbow or hip and knee. Here is a list of countries with the highest paid orthopedic surgeons (salaries converted to US dollars)

1. Canada

Salary – $575,000

Based on the data provided by the Canadian Institute for Health Information, the average salary nationally for medical specialists in orthopedic surgery is around CA$422,000 annually. Newfoundland & Labrador have the highest paid orthopedic surgeons with an average salary of CA$757,665. Other top paying provinces include: Alberta (CA$519,000), Saskatchewan (CA$484,000) and Manitoba (CA$447,000).

2. Switzerland

Salary – $535,000

Based on the data provided by the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health, orthopedic surgeons in Switzerland earn an average salary of CHF483,000 annually.

3. Germany

Salary – $483,000

German orthopedic surgeons are among the top earners in the medical profession. The average annual income ranges between €311,000 – €405,000 a year.

4. United States

Salary – $482,000

According to the Medscape Orthopedist compensation report, orthopedic surgeons earn an average salary of $482,000 a year. Those who are self employed earn slightly more than those who are employed. Under self employment, one should expect to make $505,000 annually while those employed should expect $459,000 a year.

5. Netherlands

Salary  – $358,000

According to ERI, Dutch orthopedic surgeons have a salary range between €180,000 and €400,000 annually.

6. Australia

Salary – $325,000

Based on the data provided in the Tax Office, orthopedic surgeons in the country are able to make AU$450,000 annually and are in one of the best paying jobs in the country.

7. France

Salary – $307,000

As per the data provided by BRM Conseil, orthopedic surgeons working in private practice are able to earn €288,000 annually.

8. New Zealand

Salary -$140,000

According to the data provided by the Association of Salaried Medical Specialists, trainee surgeons working for a district health board usually earn between NZ$72k – NZ$124k a year while those who are experienced earn NZ$151k – NZ$212k. Those in the private sector at top level can earn up to NZ$600,000 annually.

9. United Kingdom

Salary – $139,000

Medical specialists in the UK generally work for the NHS. Newly qualified consultants earn a basic salary of £77,913 and this rises to £105,042 annually depending on how many years one works.

10. Denmark

Salary – $124,000

The healthcare system in Denmark is almost exclusively covered publicly and financed by the five regions. The health services is divided into a primary healthcare sector (GPs and private practicing specialist doctors) and secondary healthcare sector (hospitals and outpatient units). According to Medicolink Denmark, an orthopedic surgeon working 37 hours a week earns around 64,500 DKK a month (744,000 DKK).