Cynthia Scurtis – Inside The Life Of Alex Rodriguez’s Ex Wife

(Last Updated On: March 11, 2021)


Cynthia is famous as Alex Rodriguez ex wife. She was born on December 28th 1972 in Coconut Grove, Miami Florida. Her parents are John Scurtis and Evangeline Scurtis. She attended Gulliver Prep School. She has a master’s degree in psychology from Nova Southeastern University.

Cynthia got married to baseball shortstop, Alex Rodriguez in 2002. They have two children together, Natasha Alexander and Ella Alexander. Cynthia later filed for divorce in 2008 stating the reason as emotional abandonment from Alex. Alex pays $115,000 in spousal and child support. The two are currently in dispute on the amount paid with Alex requesting for a reduction in the amount considering he has retired from baseball.


Cynthia is a psychology teacher but very little information is available about her career. After her divorce she revealed that Alex asked her to stop working and take care of their children considering his constant travelling.