Dan Greiner – Inside The Life Of Lori Greiner’s Husband

(Last Updated On: October 21, 2020)


Dan is famous as Lori Greiner’s husband Lori is part of the judges on Shark Tank. No information is available on his early life, education or his parents.

Dan met Lori at a bar called Kincaid’s, which is located in Lincoln Park, Chicago. They then started dating and got married by 1996. Dan has always been supportive of Lori’s ideas and currently helps manage her empire. They have no children to date.


Dan started his career at Bell and Howell Corporation. He later on went to join his wife’s company For Your Ease Only as the vice president and chief financial officer. Currently he works with his wife and handles the inventory issues and overseas packaging and shipping while Lori handles the sales, marketing and legal issues.

In 2012 he founded Lori Greiner Companies where he serves as the Chief Financial Officer and COO of the company.

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