Daniela Rajic – Inside The Life Of Paul George’s Girlfriend

(Last Updated On: March 11, 2021)


Daniela is a stripper and model famous for her controversial relationship with basketball player Paul George. She was born on 12th November 1990 in Queens in New York city. Her early life, education and parents has not been revealed. She has a sister called Kristina Rajic.

Daniela fell in love with basketball player Paul George in 2013. During the year she got pregnant and Paul paid her 1 million dollars to terminate the pregnancy. However she carried the pregnancy to term and delivered on 1st May 2013. Paul paid for all the hospital bills. During this period the couple broke up and started dating later on. She is still dating Paul and have a second daughter called Natasha who was born in 2017.


Daniela is a stripper and has worked in quite a number of clubs. She has a swimwear line called Nude Swim which she owns alongside her friend Sarah Nasser.

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