Desperate Ringtone Tries To Gift Zari Hassan A New Range Rover (PHOTOS)

(Last Updated On: May 11, 2018)

Kenyan gospel musician has not given up on trying to capture Zari’s attention and this time round he gone ahead to acquire a Range Rover to gift the socialite. As soon as news broke that Zari had dumped Diamond Platnumz, Ringtone started insisting that he is the man to replace the Tanzanian superstar and even went ahead to purchase 42 cows as dowry.

“Leo tumenunua ngombe 42 ambazo tunapanga kupeleka Uganda kwa Akina Zari wakati ukifika. Na kieleweke vyema KAMA MWANAMME HAJALIPA MAHARI BADO HUYO MSICHANA SI WAKE.Ama namna gani?????

“Na please mwambieni Diamond asimtolee Zari wimbo aende atoe mahari Kama all serious. For us tuko tayari kwenda Uganda na tulipe wala hatuogopi tunafunga na kuomba Mungu atupe ushindi,” reiterated the singer two months ago.

Zari is currently in Kenya for an event this weekend and has been going round different radio stations to promote it. Ringtone took this opportunity to try once more to capture her attention by buying a whole Range Rover and delivering it to Radio Africa Group’s offices where Zari had interviews on Kiss FM and Classic 105. Unfortunately for him, he missed her. He posted on his Instagram, True to my word when I heard that @zarithebosslady was on @kiss100kenya with @shaffieweru I rushed to deliver her gift but unfortunately she had just left station. Sikumnunulia gari juu huwezi afford no but nilinunua kama gift ya zile birthday zote nimemiss kwa maisha yake. I pray that #Thisyear nitabarikiwao”

When Zari was asked whether she knew Ringtone, she responded with, “I don’t know Ringtone and I have never met him. This is actually news to me. I have over 3.9 million followers on Instagram and I wouldn’t know who follows me,”

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