Diamond Platnumz Brags About Being An Expert In Bed With Zari

(Last Updated On: September 28, 2016)


Recently, Tanzania’s most famous musician Diamond Platnumz took to Instagram to state that when a man dates a woman from another country he has to make sure his skills in bed are top notch. This is because he is representing an entire nation. He is currently dating Zari, who was is Ugandan by nationality even though she mostly stays in South Africa.

In the post he said: “Ukipata mchumba wa nchi nyingine, inabidi kitandani ujitahidi kufanya show nzuri. Maana unawakilisha taifa. Sijui niongeze wa tatu akitoka huyu tu?” This can be translated to, When you marry a foreign woman, you should work hard to make sure you give a great show in bed. I don’t know if I should add a third child once this one is born.


The last statement demonstrates Diamond is ready for a 3rd child. His first child is Latiffah Dangote who just recently turned one. The next child should be coming in on December.

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