Diamond Platnumz Gets Hilariously Trolled After Badly Messing Up His English

(Last Updated On: April 18, 2017)

Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz was recently experiencing a hard time after various people started making fun of him since his post on his Facebook page had a lot of grammatical errors.

It is well known that Tanzanians are very fluent in Swahili since that is the language they are taught from birth and even use during teaching in school. It is understandable if English is a challenge.

Diamond was trying to promote his new fragrance by posting this:

These were some of the comments:

Hassan:  Feeling incompleted!!!????????????????????? what the ***is this!!!!!??? ENGLISH WAS BORN IN ENGLAND, SUFFERED IN AMERICA, DIED IN INDIA THEN BURIED IN AFRICA.

Hebron: Go back to school man. As I always tell you, Kenya hatukutambui ata kidogo.. Afadhali alikiba..

Eve: How the hell will you help your kids with their homework??? Wah! Tia bidii uwapeleke Montessori school, watakusaidia pia wewe ????????????????????????

Mercy: Incompleted????…when on what ?? RIP English????????????????. I can’t stay here seeing English get mutilated.

Dalmas: Hiyo perfume.., tukiitumia pia sisi tutakuwa kama wewe ama? Nmeenda kunywa chai narudi