Diana Lasso – Inside The Life Of Wayne Brady’s Ex Wife

(Last Updated On: March 11, 2021)


Diana is a singer but more famous as the ex wife to comedian Wayne Brady. She was born in Colombia and later moved to the United States. No information is available about her birth date, early life, parents or education.

Diana tied the knot with Wayne in 1993 on New Year’s Eve. However, the marriage was short lived and the two got divorced in 1995. It is rumored that the reason for divorce was Wayne’s busy lifestyle and the couple rarely spending time together. After the divorce, Diana moved back to Colombia where she struggled to put her music career back on track.

No information is available about her dating life since the divorce. She also has minimal social media presence with her accounts also being private.


Diana is a musician and started singing even before her marriage to Wayne. However, her music became more popular after her divorce and with that she started producing more music. Her music is a hit especially in her country Colombia. Her most famous song is Esta Noche No.