Diana Marua Reveals Why She Packed Her Bags And Left Her Matrimonial Home With Bahati

(Last Updated On: September 12, 2018)

Diana Marua’s marriage with Bahati has been experiencing some troubles that escalated to the point where Diana decided to move out of their matrimonial home. According to the details revealed in their reality TV show, it was revealed that she had been away for around 3 weeks and the reason she gave for this was that she felt neglected by Bahati.

“Baha is never home, ata akicome mapema anacome ananiambia venye amechoka anafaa alale mapema kesho ako meeting. Anacome anashika mtoi two minutes, five minutes amemaliza. Anenda kulala, anakula anaenda kulala. Mi nafeel nko drained. Tangu nipate mtoi nafeel nimekua locked, nafeel life yangu imestop. Naangalia social media kila mtu life yake imeendelea, me am just there with the baby the whole day. Yani naskia nimejilose, i don’t even know myself,” said Diana Marua.

Bahati on the other hand doesn’t see anything wrong with his actions. For him, he is providing for the family and that should be more than enough for them.

“Anashangaa ‘mi natoka you guys never lack, yani i give you everything’. But mi nataka presents, mi staki doh. To be honest, i don’t know what next,” said Diana.

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