Dirty Things Kenyans Did At Masaku 7s (Photos)

(Last Updated On: July 1, 2014)


Masaku 7s was the biggest event this year so far and hundreds of Kenyans flocked Machakos to enjoy this rugby event. At night things got steamy when most Kenyans decided to let loose and bring out their wild side. The following photos explain things better.Masaku-7--4 Masaku-7--5 Masaku-7--6 Masaku-7--7 Masaku-7--8 Masaku-7--10 Masaku-7--11 Masaku-7--12 Masaku-7--13 Masaku-7--14 Masaku-7--15 Masaku-7--16 Masaku-7--17 Masaku-7--18 Masaku-7--19 Masaku-7--20 Masaku-7--21 Masaku-7--22 Masaku-7--23 Masaku-7--24