Why DJ Finalkut Just Quit His Job At Homeboyz Radio

(Last Updated On: July 25, 2017)

Last Sunday, DJ Finalkut of Homeboyz Radio decided to start his life afresh after giving his life to Christ. He went to church and walked out a different man. In addition to this, he decided to call it quits with his day job at Homeboyz Radio.

Here is what he had to say:

“Today 7am I woke up to go to church but I continued to snooze till 11am. So I decided I will go next week because I was not feeling well. Then some strength just came and i jumped prepared myself fast and rushed to Church. And as I entered,the sermon had already started and the preacher was shouting “the King is calling you! Think that was the title. So I chilled… After the sermon he asked if anyone wants to get born again and i was like thinking, nah me im good. Been born again before so all i need to do is just repent my sins silently in my seat and its all good. But he kept on saying “the King is calling who wants to come meet the King?”and i found myself raising my hand. So i went in front and gave my life to Jesus. I want to thank my brothers,sisters and pastors who have been praying for me. The King has been calling me for so long I’m just glad He never hangup! He will never hang up on you too.I have made up my mind and my heart to follow Jesus,”

“The sacrifices I have to make is that im not going to play”Worldly” music anymore or I’m not going to spinning at clubs and bars anymore. Another difficult thing was sending my resignation letter . Yes I will be jobless for a while ,yes i will let go of a show i built with blood,sweat and tears. But yoh!King Jesus called me and i just had to leave all those things that were so precious to me. . He promised to offer me only 3 things tho. Inheritance, provision and sonship. So goodbye world , goodbye some of my friends I will be praying for you and please pray for me too. God bless.”

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