DJ Kalonje Loses His Father

(Last Updated On: May 16, 2018)

It is a sad period for DJ Kalonje after he recently announced that his father has passed away. He had been suffering from sickness for quite a while and passed away while he was in hospital.

Kalonje post on social media:

“Dear dad, I just want to thank you for everything, you raised us on one principle, love is the answer. It’s with disbelief and sorry I say goodbye to you. May you rest well. I will take care of Mum for you. Till we meet again. 
Rest In Peace.

He later added another message stating just how much he already misses his old man.

Still can’t believe it. We were talking just the other day. Why dad😢😢😢😢, you know how much we loved you and need you. Words can’t explain how much I already miss you. I wish you could have said goodbye 👋. All I have now is memories. May God give me strength.

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