Dj Mo and Size 8 Get Mixed Reactions After Publicly Kissing For The First Time

(Last Updated On: August 7, 2017)

Size 8 turned 30 years old a few days ago and as usual, Dj Mo had to throw a huge party for his beloved wife on that very special day. The event was held at Enashipai Resort and was attended by various friends and family.

After cutting of the cake, Dj Mo planted a kiss on Size 8’s lips that left most people on social media discussing it.

Here are some of the comments people left:

Diana: He has let me down. He is kissing like he’s sucking juice out of a straw

Muthoni: This reminds me of someone I used to know.

Masinza: Can’t believe huyu Ni Size 8 Na Dj Moz

Grace: Maybe ni leo tu ilitokea vibaya

Karithi: Actually, size 8 ndiye ameplace wrong… Look at it again

Rebecca: Lol anakunywa chai moto

Risper: Pitieni huku uone Dj Moh akinyonya mafuta kwa caburetor

Victoria: Kissing upper lip ni matata for Kenyan men, afadhali they just stick to lower lip, nimeenda hivi nakuja

Tonnie: It’s called the carburettor kiss folks

Lena: Anavuruta oil kwa carburettor.

Winnie: na ni maceleb. Wakujie classes

Rachel: Hehe DJ mo it’s not done like this #kiundutho

Liz: Hiyo kiss yuuuuucccccckkkkkkk!

Njoroge: I guess this guy’s side hustle is being a mechanic

Here are some other photos:

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