DJ Mo and Size 8 Showcase Their Love Through Social Media Love Letters

(Last Updated On: December 18, 2017)

DJ Mo and Size 8 have a very public relationship which they often post about on different social media channels. They also run a YouTube channel to showcase a bit of what it’s like to be married to each other.

Recently DJ Mo shared this love letter to his wife:

I love how real you are , jovial and go getter. You don’t pretend when camera is in front of you whatever you give is who you are ,your love for God is so real , I love how you care for so many that look up to you , you are just a risk taker , even after all the deals you still remain humble – –
One problem I have with you – lately chai hauweki sukari 😂🤦‍♂️ – anyway I celebrate you today – keep being unique and being a trend setter – love you – @size8reborn

Size 8 replied with:

Hey swity this is is so touching, the words on that post are so deep and comforting and encouraging and I am blessed to have you swity. God gave me the best husband. Love you.

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