Drake and WizKid Have Never Met In Person Despite Having Three Collaborations

(Last Updated On: February 4, 2017)

WizKid’s new collaboration with Drake “Hush Up The Silence” is getting released by Sony Music making it their third collaboration after One Dance and Ojuelegba remix.

However, did you know that Wizkid has never met Drake in person? The two big musicians have been having an online relationship whereby Wizkid sends his part of the production and voicing to Drake’s group then there is when the final mixing is done.

One Dance was Drake’s biggest song in 2016 from his album Views earning him the number 1 spot in the Billboard 100. Wizkid, however, will not be featured in the video for the song. The two artists have very packed schedules so they never have time to hang out.

Drake is going on tour in 2017 and one of his stop will be in Lagos and Accra. Perhaps they may finally be in the same place and time

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