How Drinking Beer Can Help You Lose Weight

(Last Updated On: May 30, 2016)

drinking beer

A new study from Oregon State University has found out that beer can help you in losing weight. This is through xanthohumol, a flavor found in beer, that helped mice lose wight and lower their bad cholesterol levels.

48 mice had been split into two groups then fed high fat diets but one group was given 30-60 milligrams of xanthohumol per kg of body weight every day for around 12 weeks. The other group was not given this item.


The mice which were given the xanth0humol had their bad cholesterol levels go down by around 80% while their weight gain was 22% less than the other group. This proves that xanth0humol can actually prevent you from gaining too much weight.

Wait don’t celebrate yet….


If you weigh 10 stone/63kg/140lb you will need to drink around 3500 pints of beer (1988 litres) within the 24 hours to get the human equivalent of the amount the mice were given.

Drug companies are already researching on how to bring a pure version of xanthohumol so as to create a weight loss pill.


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