Elani’s Bryan Chweya Shares Photos Of His Son and Baby Mama

(Last Updated On: May 3, 2017)

For those who didn’t know, Brian Chweya (Member of Elani) is a daddy. He recently shared some photos of his son Jamari Chweya on his birthday to celebrate him and also added a powerful message to him. Check out what he had to say:

My biggest fear is to fail as a parent!!!You are a handful of good,a handful of wonder & a handful of all the pleasures anyone could ever wish for in life.I was so silly..I used to laugh at all the people who cancelled plans coz of their tois until i had my own.Believe me,there are no words that can ever describe the kind of love between a parent & their toi…TRUST ME!!I am eternally grateful for every moment i get to spend with you my son.You are blessed beyond measure because you have the best parents in the world who would die for you in a heart beat!!You have the best mum (Nduta) in the world and if there’s anything am crystal clear about…you will be perfect & ready for this world.You have the biggest support system that anyone could ever dream of,if this is/was the last thing i ever did in my life!!I have never loved anything & anyone on this earth the way i love you.I want to love you the same way our father in heaven loves you.I want to give in to all my childish ways when am around you so that i can grow again with you.You were created to be loved and as such..you will be loved!I want all the dead beat dads who see me with you..to mock me because i don’t want to be like them.Whenever i am not with you..i want everyone who knows me to see me in you.You are the air i breathe every morning my son & without you everything i do would never mean a thing!!I have made many promises in my life but this is the real deal right here…today until my last..i promise you no one will ever..EVER mess with you so long as i live on this earth!Lord give me the stength to guide this boy as you speak in the bible in Deuteronomy 11:18-21!I want to pursue and know every detail about him the way you pursue your church.This is the real deal right here Jamari..UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and one day,you will read this!!!Happy birthday to you my son.This is your day.Your mother is smiling…Elani is smiling….Your grandmothers are smiling..Your grandfathers are smiling…all your aunties & uncles are smiling,and the best part of it all..your father has the BIGGEST SMILE😊!!!Jamari Chweya turns one..Dab!

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