Elderly Women Busted Stealing Phones At Domino’s Pizza CBD

(Last Updated On: February 21, 2016)

Three ladies in their 40s were busted and shamed after attempting to steal from unsuspecting customers at Domino’s Pizza at Koinange Street earlier this week.

They were nabbed with expensive smartphones, ipods and purses. How do they do it? They mainly focus on fast food restaurants frequented by middle class Kenyans. They then buy food/drinks as they wait for the rich looking unsuspecting customers who leave their bags unattended while going to the washrooms.

When the opportunity arises they grab the small bags and put them in their much bigger bags then walk out of the place immediately into the busy streets.

Here are some photos taken after being busted by security guards.

caught-1 caught-2 caught-5 thieves

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