Emily Montague – Inside The Life Of The Actress

(Last Updated On: March 10, 2021)


Emily is a famous actress known for her role in Days of Our Lives and other movies. She was born on 30th August 1984 in Livingston, New Jersey

She is currently married to Damon Dayoub, an actor as well. They got married on 2nd May 2015 and have a daughter together called Ava James Dayoub who was born in 2017. She was previously married to Chris D’Elia, who is an actor, comedian and writer. The two got divorced in 2010 after being married for four years.

Emily is quite private and keeps her Instagram private as well.


As an actress she has appeared on a number of films. She started her career on shows such as CSI, Cold Case and Boston Legal. Other shows that she has appeared on include South of Nowhere, Melrose Place, Bones, Scandal, Anger Management and Mystery Woman: Redemption.

She is also a skin therapist at Olga Lorencin Skin care which deals with facial products.

She is currently a movie producer and has produced the movie Waiting for Nana.

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