Eminem’s Daughter Who He Used To Rap About Is All Grown Up And Gorgeous

(Last Updated On: March 25, 2017)

Even though we’ve all heard about Eminem’s daughter Hailie through his music and lyrics, we have never really seen her.

21 year old Hailie isn’t like her dad. She is in college and has graduated high school with a 3.9 GPA. Her father dropped out of high school after failing 9th grade 3 times.

“My daughter comes first no matter what. If there’s important things going on in her life that I need to be there for, then I’ll drop what I’m doing” 44 year old Eminem previously said.

“Haile has been my main source of drive, a motivation especially when she was first born and I didn’t have a career, I didn’t have money, I didn’t have place to live, so I think that really kicked me harder than anything.”

He added: “I was like, ‘How I’m I gonna raise her?’ and that gave me the motivation. She’s always been the driving force for me to stay busy, stay focused and always been my number one reason for fear or failure. Truth is, she’s all I got in this world. If anything ended tomorrow, she’s all I have”

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