Employer Who Helped Househelp Get A Degree (PHOTOS)

(Last Updated On: December 24, 2015)

In Kenya it is very hard and rare to get an employer who would be willing to educate their househelp to a degree level. A lady by the name Lucy Kavindah decided to help her house help Wawira to get a really good education. She just recently graduated from Kenyatta University while still working for the lady.


This is what Lucy shared on her Facebook page:

Today is one of the days I count my small achievements.Below is my beautiful house manager who has brought up my kids for the last 10 years. When my son turned 3years I asked her..do yu mind if I take yu to a day sec school to form 1? Will yu cope with being a maid and a student at the same time?She said ‘Yes madam!!
Today I cried as I witnessed her graduate from KU. And she has been my housemanager all through….up to today.Tomorrow I go with my family to her home where I picked her that long ago to join in her graduation party. Thank yu princple Githunguri High RUIRU and Kahawa Garisson Sec for accepting my girl to yur schools.Thank yu Wankan Academy Ruiru for giving her a job.We have together created an achieving woman who will turn around her family.Wawira we and the kids love yu to bits…We thank God for bringing yu to our lives.Yu have cooked for us all these years.No idea what we cook for yu on yur great moment

Congratulations are in order.

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