Esther Passaris Responds After Her See Through Dress Photo Goes Viral On Twitter

(Last Updated On: September 15, 2016)

Yesterday, Esther Passaris was on Jeff Koinange Live together with other Nairobi Governor aspirants for a debate session. Before this Esther had attended the Miss World Kenya launch and a photo of her parading her thighs in a see through dress got her roasted on Twitter.


As usual Esther doesn’t stay quiet when she gets roasted online. She quickly went on say the photo was photoshopped and posted different photos to support her defense.


pas2 pas3 pas4

This wasn’t enough, she then proceeded to Facebook to post this rant:

Wow. I go out of network for a few hours and all hell breaks loose. Are we so idle? Is bashing each other or others a profession?

Anyways. It’s strange to be quoted when I have not given nor do I intend to give any comments on photoshopped images from the Miss World Launch I attended last week.

Having said that, might I remind us all that our decency is not defined by our clothing. We have communities that walk semi-nude which in no way undermines their moral standing or diminishes their leadership skills. I took away your right to dress me and to undress me.


I am on the way back to Nairobi from Narok after paying my last respects to a great leader, Hon. William Ole Ntimama. It rained just before he was laid to rest, a blessing from God. #RIP Old Man, till we meet again.


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