Ethiopia’s Ultra Modern Light Rail System Starts Operation (PHOTOS)

(Last Updated On: September 21, 2015)


Ethiopia is the first country in Sub Sahara Africa to have a light rail system in their capital city. Construction of the 32 km line cost $474 million and is expected to carry around 15,000 people per hour in one direction with a maximum of 4 times that in all directions. The train system has a top speed of 70km/hr.

Addis Ababa population of 4 million people will now commute in a much faster means. The trams are in green and blue. The green ones use the East West route while the blue use the North South route and will both travel daily from 0600hrs to 2200hrs.


The rail tramcars will be powered by overhead wires and have their own dedicated electricity grid plus four substations with power supply of 160MW. There are 39 stations across the service with 12 escalators and 22 elevators.

China Railway Group Limited built the railway system in 3 years with majority of the funding coming from Export-Import Bank of China towards the Ethiopian Government.

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