Expectation vs Reality: Ministry Of Health ‘Substandard’ Mobile Clinics

(Last Updated On: November 1, 2016)

In the recent Ministry of Health scandal, we got to find out that it has ordered and paid for 100 mobile clinics at a cost of Ksh1 billion. Payment was made to Estama Investments which had bought them from Chinese company Guangzhou Moneybox.

However, the product we got to see are just fabricated containers which cannot cost Ksh10 million each. If you do a search online from Guangzhou Moneybox’s Alibaba online shop, a modified shipping container costs between Ksh360,000 – Ksh1.2 million per unit.


The containers that were imported claim to have a consultation room, laboratory space, pharmacy space, toilet and air conditioner. Am sure diving a container into a number of spaces can’t cost Ksh8m since there were not equipped with high-tech gadget.

Here is what a mobile clinic looks like from First Lady’s Margaret Kenyatta’s Beyond Zero Campaign.

13886341_1181591255231583_2989092209657553317_n 14040181_1187360351321340_6377263260887297501_n 14068208_1196075440449831_297864770713358003_n 14264161_1208425922548116_1155760977430358096_n beyond

Here is what Ministry of Health got and called a mobile clinic.

clin1 clin2

If you have eyes and a sound mind, you can tell which one is worth Ksh10 million.