Expensive House In Nairobi With A Monthly Rent Of Ksh600,000 (PHOTOS)

(Last Updated On: June 17, 2016)

Someone somewhere in this Nairobi city is willing to pay Ksh600,000 a month as rent and wont feel a single dent in his pocket. Of course this is waaaaay above what the average Kenyan makes in a month and more than half of the population will never make that amount in a single year.

This luxurious house is located in Lower Kabete. It is a 4 bedroom with a swimming pool and managed by JM McCarthy Properties. When You pay Ksh600,000 a month here is what you get

1.All wooden floor plus a lounge which has a fire place

2. A fantastic bar lounge area

3. German fitted Kitchen which has inbuilt appliances like a cooker, over extractor fan, dishwasher etc

4. Library room which has a fire place plus a balcony which has an epic view of the forest.

5. A large master bedroom which has a dedicated library plus a walk in closet. The master bathroom has a jacuzzi and shower cubicle

6. Upstairs entertainment terrace with great views.

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