Fans Urge Vera Sidika To Dump Otile Brown For This Hunk

(Last Updated On: October 22, 2018)

A couple of days, Vera Sidika posted a photo with a certain very attractive guy urging her fans to wish him a happy birthday. She posted,”Sweethearts help me wish a special person a Happy birthday. May this day bring in happiness, joy & all your heart desires. May God bless your new age 💕”.

This caused a huge reactions among her fans with a number commenting how good looking the guy is and others went ahead to urge Vera to dump her current boyfriend Otile Brown and get it on with this guy.

Check out some of the comments that were left behind:

1. but for real tho what are we doing with otile..ehhh??.eishhh brother be fine..edible..too edible.

2. Here now we the IG  inlaws are calling it done with Otile. We want this one. Our daughter has found a perfect match. Ululations please.

3. The fruits of the handshake. Let’s embrace both the opposition and government.

4. You’re having his babies or not? You let this one go, we disown you! @queenveebosset We won’t entertain such level of laziness.

5. Mileage 0.00

6. What are you doing with that boy Otile when you can have this MAN

7. Huyu ni ule akikumumunya unaskia utamu unakufa.

8. Unapata ni mcute hivi then pale kitandani mtree ni toothpick unakufa.

9. Yaani Vera uliruka huyu ukaangukia Otile.

10. Unaangalia lips unaanza kufantasize unamwaga mate kwa tamaa unajiuma romantically unableed unakufa.