Fans Yet Again Bombard Larry Madowo Asking Him To Get Married

(Last Updated On: December 5, 2017)

Kenyans online will not let Larry Madowo live his life the way he sees fit. It is common knowledge that the NTV journalist is not married nor is he dating anyone. However, people are constantly making fun of him and demanding that he gets a wife as soon as possible.

The latest savage attack was after he shared a congratulatory message to political analyst Nerima Wako who got married to Billian Ojiwa. He said, “Congratulations to my friends Billian Ojiwa and Nerima Wako on their nuptials. We wish them every blessing possible and a lifetime of happiness”

The comments section had a different message directed to Larry Madowo. Here are some of the best:


U attend lyk 100 weddings in a year na hujawai pata mtu.. Kwani we ni tent?


Sasa unatumia kizungu mingi tusijue ni harusi? Just keep taking selfies at other peoples weddings na hauoi, utajua watoto hawanunuliwi muthurwa.


A man who hangs around a beautiful girl and says nothing end up fetching water at her wedding


You are busy congratulating and attending people’s nuptials… When shall we attend yours? Men’s menopause is knocking at your door


Larry utaishi ukismile kwa nuptials😩😩 (whatever that is) xa watu,.weka yako Ata we upewe smile,sssshh bytha my siz did KCPE n got 437 less ndo afike 500,.she is good for you,.dowry utalipa Tu in monthly installments,.😐😐


At the end of the day it’s not about how many weddings yu have attended, how many smiles yu have uploaded on social media! The potential of your”smokie” manhood is questionable! 😂if yu don’t perform , just get one tutakuchungia😂😂


You can’t be serious congratulating Pals on their nuptials, when will pals congratulate you on your spousal?… Bure kabisha


When shall people attend yours and congratulate you? Wiye bith ni, You always hangs around with beautiful ladies, kwani ni mafeelings haunanga? Ama you don’t function? Gileke machalo mar Murkomen


If you look keenly utaona every couple have their matching colors for example, Larry na wake have put on orange, the nuptial ones have white while the other couple have blue/navy blue.
Tunataka nuptials yako na Victoria sasa😏😏😏


Your smiling more than those on “nuptials”, somebody might think you are going to enjoy too what they are planning to enjoy tonight na kumbe uko kwa ile list ya kuconfirm masaa past midnight Kilimani mums and dads, but chini ya waters …. Ati night register 02.21am.. Tupatane iyo masaa basi


But larry whats wrong with you.. vicgoria is smiling just besides you like she wants someone for herself too..wewe na kihara yako umezubaa tu. Nktt!

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