Filthy Rich Lawyer Complains About High Prices At Sankara

(Last Updated On: August 14, 2015)


Lawyer Donald Kipkoror who is a big friend to Deputy President William Ruto was on Facebook to complain about how Sankara Hotel are extortionists.

He spent over Ksh9,000 at the restaurant then put up the receipt strategically next to the logo of his Mercedes Benz. Well I think he just wanted us to see that he spends a lot of money at restaurants.


This is what he said,

Today, Sankara Hotel robbed me twice. I went with my friend for lunch at its Graze Restaurant, and paid a bill of Kshs.9,100/= that included one glass of 30ml wine at Kshs. 1,200/=. The wine prices at Sankara are extortionist. Then to add insult to injury, I had to pay parking charge of Kshs.100/=. Sankara may now be in high moon because of lingering money Obama entourage left, but it is us they need everyday to support their business. Unless Sankara and ilk know that they can sell at whatever prices, some small things like charging parking for customers or inflating wine prices 100 times is plainly stupid and in the long run, their restaurants will be without customers!! Restaurants in Kenya never learn! And they complain of absence of tourists when we are here!! A aargh!nkkktttt!

That amount is less than pocket change to this guy. He has done yacht parties in Miami and once spent a really high amount treating his friends at Caramel lounge.



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